Zoom Into Infinity in the Oculus Rift with Boxplorer2 Fractal Explorer (video)

mandelbox oculus rift boxplorer2 fractal 3

An example of a Mandlebox fractal – photo credit

Fractals are intricate, infinite, and beautiful repeating patterns that are created from an equation. A fractal rendering program called Boxplorer2 recently added support for the Oculus Rift, allowing you to create mesmerizing 3D fractals which you can fall forever into.

Developer Marius Schilder added Boxplorer2 Oculus Rift support and used it to create an eerie Rift-ready rendering of a fractal known as a Mandelbox. While this video shows a pre-rendered scene, Schilder says that a powerful enough video card should be able to view it in real-time. Head tracking is supported in real-time rendering.

When asked about the experience inside the Rift, Schilder says, “Fairly immersive. The lack of sense of scale makes your brain less willing to think it’s just weird goggles. The low rez is also very apparent, since w/ fractals you tend to hunt for detail in the scenery.”

Schilder told me that adding Rift support was fairly simple. He also says that he has a Razer Hydra and may be considering future support for it in Boxplorer2.

Boxplorer2 lacks a front-end user interface and won’t be usable if you aren’t familiar with the command line. For those of you with the know-how, you can find Boxplorer 2 here – don’t get lost down there!

If you’re interested in learning more Schilder points to fractalforums.com, a hub for all things fractal, including Boxplorer2.

Here’s another fractal treat to indulge in, for those as mesmerized by these beautiful works of math as I:


  1. Avatar of Andreas Aronsson says

    Ah, I tried this the other week :D One of the more interesting demos in the Rift so far, in my mind. Aiming for a space way too small and zooming in, yourself shrinking and the world growing… it’s weird and fascinating! Played it on my brother’s new gaming laptop while he was visiting, now I’m back with my Macbook air, which does nothing much for VR :( I miss my gaming PC which is in storage right now… bleh. But yeah, fascinating stuff.

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