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TouchSense Force Plugin Aims to Help VR Game Devs Make Better Haptics, Faster

Founded in 1993, Immersion Corp. designs and licenses haptic technology that's come to be used in gamepads you're well familiar with. Now the company...

Hands-on: StrikerVR’s Latest Prototype Haptic Gun Packs More Than Just Virtual Bullets

At GDC 2017 this week we've gone hands-on with the latest prototype of StrikerVR's 'Arena Infinity' haptic VR gun. Built (for now) for the...

‘Mage’s Tale’ Aims for 10 Hours of Hand-crafted VR Dungeon Crawling

Mage's Tale is a new title in the works for Oculus Touch by inXile Entertainment that wants to deliver a meaty VR adventure RPG...

Watch: 12 Minutes of ‘Robo Recall’ Gameplay with Oculus Touch

One of the flagship announcements at last week's Oculus Connect developer conference, Epic Games' Robo Recall is a slick, polished first person shooter built...

Squanchtendo’s First VR Game ‘Accounting’ is Hilarious and Completely Free

What’s better than Justin Roiland making a VR game? Justin Roiland making a VR game and releasing it for free. That’s right, newly formed...

Hands-on: Crytek’s ‘The Climb’ with Oculus Touch Feels Like an Entirely New Experience

The Climb is a climbing simulator game from Crytek designed for the Oculus Rift. Originally premiering in April using the Xbox controller, The Climb...

DiRT Rally VR – 4 Minutes of Oculus Rift Gameplay

DiRT Rally, one of the finest driving games out there, has finally arrived with official Oculus Rift CV1 support and it's elevated our opinions...

Watch: 6 Minutes of Golem Gameplay on the PlayStation VR

Here's 6 minutes of gameplay from Golem, the forthcoming action adventure game from Highwire games, on the PlayStation VR - recorded at Sony's showcase...

Video Hands-On: ‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ with Team Road to VR

One of the most anticipated VR games at E3 2016 was only announced (well, sort of) a few days before the show was due...

ILMxLAB Discuss Pioneering VR Storytelling with Star Wars and Beyond

Ben Lang sits down with John Gaeta and Vicki Beck to discuss Lucasfilm's focus on immersive storytelling with the formation of ILMxLab last year, and...

‘Project Alice’ Tracks Real Objects to Enhance Multi-user VR Experiences

Noitom, a leading mo-cap company, are using their affinity with capturing reality by fusing it with virtual reality to create a multi-user mixed reality...

Dead and Buried’s Journey from Gear VR to Oculus Touch Flagship Game

Ben Lang caught up with Oculus Studios Designer Ryan Rutherford at Oculus Game Days to find out how the impressive western multi-player shooter Dead...

Watch: ‘High Fidelity’ Live Demo at SVVR 2016, Beta Client Access Available Now

High Fidelity describes itself as an "open source, shared Virtual Reality" application which gives people a virtual platform to build whatever universe they want...

Halo Composer Marty O’Donnell on the Music and Design of Golem for PSVR

Marty O'Donnell, a composer most famous for his beloved work on Bungie's Halo Series, talks to Ben Lang about his new developer start-up Highwire...

OptiTrack’s Precise ‘Void’ Style Tracking Lets You Play Real Basketball in VR

World renowned motion capture specialists OptiTrack were at GDC this year demonstrating their mo-cap systems integrated with VR simulations. They chose to highlight their...

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