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Founded in 2011, Road to VR is the world’s leading independent news publication dedicated to the consumer virtual reality industry. We explore the bleeding edge of virtual reality, augmented reality, and human-computer interaction. We’re charting the course between today’s immersive technology and that of the distant future, capable of perfect simulations of reality.


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Co-founder & Executive Editor

ben-lang-road-to-vr Ben Lang

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Based in Silicon Valley, Ben has held editorial positions across several technology publications for eight years. He founded Road to VR in 2011 to explore the immense possibilities of virtual reality, augmented reality, and human-computer interaction. Having seen the individual pieces but never the entire puzzle, he set out to map VR’s current state-of-the-art and to understand how far it is from a perfect simulation of reality (a la Matrix).

Beginning with tracking the consumer VR space nearly a year before the Oculus Rift Kickstarter, Ben has spent the last several years actively documenting and promoting the industry as it experiences an explosive resurgence.


Ben is an advisor to Retinad, a VR analytics platform. As such, he does not write articles or participate in publishing decisions involving the company.

Co-founder & Senior Editor

peej-2 Paul James

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Based in the UK, Paul has been immersed in interactive entertainment for the best part of 27 years and has followed advances in gaming with a passionate fervour. His obsession with graphical fidelity over the years has had him branded a ‘graphics whore’ (which he views as the highest compliment) more than once and he holds a particular candle for the dream of the ultimate immersive gaming experience. Having followed and been disappointed by the original VR explosion of the 90s, he then founded RiftVR.com to follow the new and exciting prospect of the rebirth of VR in products like the Oculus Rift.

Paul joined forces with Ben to help build the new Road to VR in preparation for what he sees as VR’s coming of age over the next few years.


scott-hayden-road-to-vrScott Hayden


An American expat based in Italy, Scott learned at a young age to revere the power of science fiction, becoming a figurative stained glass window through which he viewed the world. Throughout his childhood he was force fed countless reruns of Star Trek TNG, Quantum Leap, Sliders, (among many others) and lived by The Evil Dead triology and Saturday mornings watching MST3K with the rest of his sci-fi-freak family.

Like every card-carrying dweeb who grew up in the ’90s, Scott spent uncountable hours in front of a TV and various consoles, but even longer wishing inside his head that the fantasies played out in games and movies would someday become a reality. After following VR casually since its entrance into the public psyche, he decided to investigate further by the only way he knew how: by writing about it. He believes that VR will start a revolution of the mind, helping to give ineffable ideas form and increasing humanity’s ability to relate to one another through free expression.

Social VR Liaison

chris-madsen-road-to-vrChris Madsen


Chris graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in psychology and has worked in the mental health field for almost 20 years. Throughout his career he has been been paying close attention to how digital technology has impacted individuals, communities, and society at large.

Chris has always been fascinated with how the brain processes environmental and social data to form our concept of reality and how humans throughout time have used technology to transport us to alternative realities.

In the pre-dawn of the digital age, Chris has vivid childhood memories of piloting siblings and friends to space in cardboard rocket ships using a Viewmaster projector to simulate the stars outside the windows. Now he enjoys strapping people into virtual reality every chance he can to show off the latest in transportive technology. To begin local collaboration, Chris recently co-founded the Salt Lake Valley Virtual Reality Meetup and serves as VR Ambassador for Edge of Discovery.

As a communication platform, social VR is in its infancy and deserves to be monitored closely as it has the potential to fundamentally change how humans interact on a global scale in all facets of life.

London Correspondent

Jonathan-Tustain-road-to-vrJonathan Tustain


Based in the creative hub of Shoreditch, London, Jonathan found is passion in life after setting up a 3D news blog in 2010. Having been fascinated by virtual reality since queuing for over an hour to play Dactyl Nightmare at Gamesmaster Live, the new renaissance of VR could not have come sooner for Jonathan.

Currently freelancing for a company that produces virtual reality experiences for major brands, Jonathan is firmly anchored in this emerging industry, and co-runs the London Oculus Rift / VR Developer Meetup.

“I have been a daily reader of Road to VR since it started. Unlike Ben and Paul, I am not an avid gamer but what particularly intrigues me is how this technology will transform other industries, especially marketing, and the business models that will come as a result.”


frank-he-road-to-vrFrank He


A student at UCLA, Frank’s passion has been to discover and experience worlds beyond reach, which is one of the reasons he began studying neuroscience. He believes that one day we’ll be able to venture into digital dimensions that seem no less real than our own. Now that VR has begun to take hold in the consumer market, Frank has decided to take a pause from studying and concentrate on the industry that’s before him.

Even before this, Frank has always been keen on experiencing virtual worlds, namely through gaming. And while too young to have lived through the beginnings of the video game industry, he’s carefully followed the developments of the 2D to 3D era; with the rise of modern VR and the pioneers that steer it, Frank knew he had to pay attention.