‘DiRT Rally’ PSVR Support is Here, Limited-time Bundle is the Best Value on Any Platform

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Having launched initially with VR on the Oculus Rift in 2016, new DiRT Rally DLC adds PSVR support to the acclaimed racing game. The $13 DLC also brings a new ‘Co-Driver Mode’ that lets one player act as the navigator. A $43 Dirt Rally bundle for PS4 includes the base game, three mini DLC packs and the PSVR add-on together, making it a significant value over the $60 Oculus and Steam versions of the game.

PSVR support for Dirt Rally is finally here. Considered one of the best VR racing sims thus far, PlayStation VR nabs a solid new piece of content which comes with a unique Co-driver Mode that’s not available elsewhere. In the new mode, two players work together with one player wearing the headset for immersive driving and the other player using the TV to call out pace notes—vital information about the track ahead which lets the driver go as fast as possible while maintaining control. The Dirt Rally PSVR upgrade is $13 in the PlayStation Store.

'DiRT Rally' VR Review

If you don’t already own Dirt Rally but want to buy it for the new PSVR support, you’ll want to nab the Dirt Rally PlayStation VR Bundle. Priced at $43, this includes the full Dirt Rally game, three ‘Fully Loaded’ mini DLC packs, and the PSVR upgrade, all in one package. The bundle deal expires on February 28th.

With Dirt Rally on Oculus Home and Steam both priced at $60 (and missing the Co-driver Mode), the PSVR version presently offers the best value you’ll find if you’re looking to play the game in VR.

While Dirt Rally is available on Steam, it presently only supports the Rift. There’s no word yet on whether or not Vive support will follow the new PSVR support, but our fingers are definitely crossed.

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