Hands on With Sony’s ‘The Castle’

Here’s more of the Sony PS4 VR Headset ‘Project Morpheus’ in action at GDC 2014. The videos had to be manually synced so apologies for any disparity in movement. This time we’ve got gameplay of ‘The Castle’ demo, one of several tech demos on show at GDC.

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  • seanlumly

    The tracking of the move controllers could be improved, but the idea of having working “hands” in VR is intensly exciting. It would be great to be able to shoot guns, press buttons, pull levers, and push open doors in VR without dedicated button presses on a controller.

    The PS Camera has stereo cameras that can do kinect-like body tracking (though seemingly not as well). Hopefully this will be incorporated into the mix of algorithms, as it would be great to be fully represented in the 3D world *and* have tools to manipulate.

  • mhenriquecd

    the screen image is rounded like the Oculus Rift or is square?

    the glasses sony proved better than the oculus rift dev kit 2 somewhere else?