Google Glass Pre-order Token. Photo courtesy Techno Buffalo.
Google Glass Pre-order Token – photo courtesy Techno Buffalo

Google has sent out invites to a developer-focused event for Google Glass, the company’s upcoming wearable head mounted display. They’re calling it ‘Glass Foundry’ and it will be a two day ‘hackathon’ held in two locations: San Francisco and New York City. The invite is supposedly going out to those who pre-ordered the $1500 Google Glass ‘Explorer Edition’ at last year’s Google I/O conference. High profile developers are likely on the invite list as well. At the event developers will have access to Google Glass prototypes and begin learning how to build applications for the device.

Google didn’t give developers much notice… the San Francisco Glass Foundry will be held January 28th and 29th while the NYC equivalent is on February 1st and 2nd. Here’s the announcement that Google put out to developers:


As you heard, there will be units at the Glass Foundry. Back when the company was offering pre-orders at Google I/O 2012, they said that the so called Google Glass Explorer Edition would reach developers in early 2013. It isn’t clear if developers will go home from the Glass Foundry with prototypes in-hand or if this is merely a tantalizing taste of what they can expect later in the year.

I’ve previously estimated around 2000 pre-orders for Google Glass based on attendance at Google I/O 2012 and pre-orders restrictions to. The company has not made an official announcement regarding the number of pre-orders. Late last month we caught the first glimpse of Google Glass being used with prescription lenses.

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All Things D has a copy of the email invite:

Join us for an early look at Glass and two full days of hacking on the upcoming Google Mirror API in San Francisco or New York. These hackathons are just for developers in the Explorer program and we’re calling them the Glass Foundry. It’s the first opportunity for a group of developers to get together and develop for Glass.

We’ll begin the first day with an introduction to Glass. You’ll have a device to use while on-site. Next we’ll take a look at the Mirror API, which gives you the ability to exchange data and interact with the user over REST. We’ll then dive into development with Google engineers on site to help you at any point. At the end of the second day we’ll have a lively round of demos with some special guest judges.

If you’d like to attend this first Glass Foundry, please choose and register by Friday, January 18th at 4pm PT. There is limited space. If you are accepted, you will receive a confirmation letter with additional details and required terms after registration closes. Please don’t make any travel arrangements until your attendance is confirmed.

Google has kept the technical details of Glass closely guarded thus far. Expect more information on that front to come out of Glass Foundry at the end of this month!


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