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Jaunt has just released three trailers for its forthcoming cinematic VR content. The trailers, available for Oculus Rift on PC and Mac, and on Android, showing clips from The Mission, Kaiju Fury, and Black Mass.

Last month we spoke with Jaunt’s VP of Content, Scott Brock, who told us that viewers would get to see a glimpse of their forthcoming content “very, very soon… very, very soon.” And it turns out that today is the day that VR folk of all types can take a peek at content that’s been filmed with the company’s proprietary 3D 360 degree camera, which is designed to shoot VR footage.

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Last month we showed you a glimpse of a glimpse… brief non-VR clips from the trailers, but now you can get you head into all three trailers over at Jaunt’s Content page. Here’s what Jaunt says about the three short films, accompanied by our preview clips so those of you without VR hardware can get an idea of what Jaunt is creating:

Kaiju Fury

“Kaiju Fury! puts users in the middle of Godzilla-style battling monsters. Writer/director IAN HUNTER is also a leading Visual Effects Supervisor who has won VES Awards for: The Dark Knight, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, and Inception.”

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The Mission

“The Mission follows the adventure of a WWII Special Operations team that is dropped into a raging battle on the Eastern Front. The team’s mission is to deliver “The Case” to a Russian commander; however, their plan is compromised as soon as they hit the ground.”

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Black Mass

“Black Mass begins with you finding yourself captive in a strange room with blood-soaked floors and walls. Though you’re wide awake, your nightmare has just begun. Mature viewers only.”

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Head over to Jaunt’s Content page now to pick up these three trailers for Oculus Rift and PC or Mac, or for VR smartphone adapters on Android.

P.S. If you don’t have a VR smartphone adapter, you can use the promo code “JAUNT” to get 50% off of a DODOcase Cardboard viewer.

Full Disclosure: Brian Hart, who is Senior Systems Engineer at Jaunt, contributes articles to Road to VR