John Carmack has never shied away from unique projects. His latest appears to be a virtual reality comic book store, presumably for the Oculus Rift.

As Oculus VR’s CTO, you’d expect famed developer John Carmack to be working on some deeply technical VR related projects. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have time for some fun. According to tweet posted on the 25th, Carmack is working on a virtual reality comic book shop, “Not kidding,” he writes.

Carmack may have been inspired to take on the project thanks to Marvel’s developer API, which he called “forward looking.” It allows developers to access an official database of info from the company’s comics:

“The Marvel Comics API is a set of web services that give fans access to Marvel’s rich repository of data about over 30,000 comics and 7,000 series. The API lets fans access information from Marvel’s 75-year publishing history, including cover art, characters and comic book crossover events. Developers will now have the opportunity to create personal applications and websites that express their individual appreciation and experiences with Marvel Comics. From feeds on blogs to mini-applications, developers everywhere can use the Marvel Comics API to create compelling digital experiences using Marvel’s treasure trove of data,” reads Marvel’s announcement of the API program which began on January 31st.

Carmack is not stranger to pursuing his interests with full force; he founded Armadillo Aerospace in 2000 to work in the burgeoning private spaceflight industry.

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