One of the things that makes virtual reality so alluring is the immeasurable possibilities. With minimal hardware these days you can transport yourself to a virtual world where you could literally rewrite the laws of physics if you wanted to. Virtual reality and augmented reality are going to change life as we know it. Things that are happening today are going to ripple through time and powerfully affect the future.

I love to discuss/imagine/brainstorm about VR and AR for these reasons, and there’s no better way to do that than collaboratively. While this blog is a great way to keep people abreast of the latest interesting news, there’s lot’s of fascinating discussion that happens on the sidelines that everyone can participate in. With that said, I’ve started a Google+ community for VR and AR that I encourage you all to join and jump into the conversation of the future of these amazing technologies.

Join the discussion at the Google+ Community: ‘Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality’!

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