This video showcases a new redirected walking implementation project that creates an “unlimited” virtual corridor in a space just 5 x 7 metres in size.

Redirected walking (RDW) is a technique which aims to maximise the physical space of a virtual reality playspace by tricking your senses. Or, “strongly modifying spatial perception” so that your mind believes, for example, that you’re body is travelling in a straight line where in reality, it’s traversing a carefully calculated curved course to keep that play space small.

At SIGGRAPH last week, a project developed in part by Unity Product Evangelist and Education Lead Yohei Yanase at the University of Tokyo was present, featuring a new “Visuo-Haptic” VR experience which claims to create the illusion an infinite virtual corridor within an actual physical play space of just 5 x 7 metres in size.

“It works by strongly modifying spatial perception, all while avoiding the typical “reorientation” manipulation methods that most often cause VR motion sickness,” states a press release, “And it’s designed to let multiple people experience it simultaneously, without risk of bumping into each other. Modern techniques like this could represent the next phase in VR navigation, merging virtual with physical environments to extend the comfort of VR sessions and extensibility of virtual environments.”

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  • gnagyusa .

    This can’t be good for your vestibular system, in the long run.
    Especially if you’re a kid, whose brain is still developing.

    • WyrdestGeek

      I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt that it *might* not screw up your perceptions (permanently).

      Although, to be on the safe side, yeah we probably shouldn’t put young children in it until many years into the future when we have had the opportunity to learn a whole lot more.

      Note– I am aware academic persons have been doing research into VR for many, *many* years– but sometimes there’s just no good substitute for a long term longitudinal study. And in order to do one of those, you have to have lots of people doing the thing you want to measure over a long period of time.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

    • Yes, it also causes gamma radiation by pulling in extra atoms from the sun.

    • yag

      In any case, VR is already not recommended for kids (at least no regular and long sessions).

  • Geoff Bentley

    This is what The Void does –

    • WyrdestGeek

      It seems the article is suggesting that this new method can achieve the effect in a much smaller physical area.

    • yag

      you’re right, tho The Void use the “reorientation” method and do it on a much larger area. Now what’s the best method…

  • bschuler

    Cool, finally a game where I can walk in circles in my living room and relax. SO tired of the neighbors pointing and laughing at me… now I can yell back, I’M PLAYING A GAME!