Oculus has launched its Autumn / Fall sale with a selection of titles getting some hefty discounts for Rift and Gear VR titles including hefty discounts for Project Cars, Chronos and The Assembly.

Just in case you were trying to cling on to the notion that it was still summer, Oculus have a rude if pleasant awakening for you with the announcement of their Fall (Autumn to us brits) sale with some pretty respectable savings you may want to check out.

Notable Oculus Rift titles receiving a price cut in the sale are Project Cars (Over 50% off), Chronos (40% off) and The Assembly (33% off). Darknet, Wold of Diving, Airmech Command, Crystal Rift, Windlands and Radial-G all get a healthy discount too.

On Gear VR titles Neverout, Anshar Wars 2, Star Chart, DRIFT, Dark Days, Hidden Temple, Faceted Flight, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Archer E Bowman and Ocean Rift are slashed by up to 66% too.

The Oculus Store Autumn sale runs from today until September 20th.

Note: All discounts noted are based on UK Oculus Store prices.

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