OSVR is today launching the HDK 2, the latest in the organization’s series of ‘Hacker Development Kit’ VR headsets.

The new HDK 2 will be nearly identical to the prior most recent HDK 1.4, save for a new and improved display which increases the resolution and frame rate to 2160×1200 and 90 FPS, respectively, matching the paper specs of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Crucially, the HDK 2’s new display also brings with it low-persistence functionality, allowing for a major reduction in blur seen during head movement in VR.

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Like its contemporaries (the Rift and the Vive) the HDK 2 achieves its resolution through the use of two individual displays, one for each eye. The custom multi-element lenses include both individual diopter and IPD adjustments. The lenses will retain the same “diffusion film” which the company says reduces the screen door effect visible from the headset.

Other than the upgraded display, the HDK 2 is nearly identical to the HDK 1.4, although the 1.4 will continue to be sold alongside the HDK 2. The OSVR HDK 2 release date is July with the price set at $399.

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