Oculus have today announced that Playful’s virtual reality platformer, Lucky’s Tale, will join CCP Games’ EVE:Valkyrie inside the box of every new Oculus Rift VR headset shipped at launch.

See Also: EVE: Valkyrie Will Ship With Every Oculus Rift at Launch
See Also: EVE: Valkyrie Will Ship With Every Oculus Rift at Launch

Hot on the heels of the recent news from CCP Games that their made-for-VR multiplayer space shooter EVE:Valkyrie will ship with the consumer Oculus Rift at launch in Q1 2016, comes more great news for those of you thinking of opting for the VR headset at launch. Lucky’s Tale from Playful Corp will now join that title in the box with every headset sold.

Playful‘s 3D platformer, which has you controlling Lucky the fox across myriad pitfalls and bouncing onto copius enemies in a colourful, cartoon gameworld, has followed the Oculus Rift’s evolution closely. First unveiled at GDC 2014, what some saw as an unlikely genre to grace virtual reality actually turned out to be one of the more immersive and fun titles to appear on any VR system.

Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus, said of the announcement:

We always believed there was an opportunity for platformers in VR, but it wasn’t until playing Lucky’s Tale and working with the Playful team that we truly realized its potential to change how people view this genre of gaming forever. Lucky’s Tale delivers on everything you want in a next-generation VR game – it’s thrilling, full of adventure, and incredibly fun to play.

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See Also: Lucky’s Tale Developer Playful Gets $25M Investment

The planned contents of the consumer Oculus Rift headset is starting to look pretty substantial now with Lucky’s Tale, EVE:Valkyrie and of course an Xbox One wireless controller joining the headset and tracking camera. The question is: how much will all of this cost us? One we can’t answer yet, but it’s heartening to see Oculus aiming to give potential buyers as many reasons as possible to jump into VR on day one, and less reasons to complain in terms of content to enjoy.

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A nice footnote to the story is that one of Playful’s, Paul Bettner, was one of the original $5000 backers of the Oculus Rift Kickstarter campaign.

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