At a PlayStation VR session today at GDC, Sony stated that first-party PSVR titles with support for the new Aim peripheral are in development.

Sony’s curious looking Aim controller may not be the coolest looking peripheral out there (a dubious accolade at any rate), but after our hands-on with the device and its first supported title Farpoint was quite positive. The question however, as with any peripheral ever made, is: What will the software support be like? The answer to which defines whether the device will thrive or, as with so many before it, will die a slow lonely death.

Well it seems that, in addition to Farpointwhich we now know will release alongside the Aim controller on May 16th – Sony have now indicated the we can expect first party developed titles built for and using the new device.

Hands-on: 'PSVR Aim' Controller Debuts with 'Farpoint' FPS

At a PlayStation VR focused session at GDC yesterday, Technical Product Manager at PlayStation, Tom Bruckbock, was asked about Sony’s plans on software support for the new peripheral. In response, Bruckbock stated that the company was indeed working on entirely new titles built with the device as a foundation.

When asked if that meant retro-active support for existing PSVR games like PlayStation VR Worlds, the company confirmed that it had entirely new titles in the works, although precisely what those titles were and when they might arrive is still a mystery. However, Bruckbock also confirmed that zombie shooter The Brookhaven Experiment will receive Aim controller support.



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