the proto awards virtual relaity awards

The inaugural Proto Awards, a ceremony to honor those making early strides in consumer virtual reality development, has revealed the nominees for 10 categories. Award winners will be announced at the award ceremony at the end of this week hosted by Thomas Middleditch of HBO’s startup-comedy, Silicon Valley.

Nominees for The Protos fall into 10 categories:

[one-half-first]Best GUI:

Best Art Direction:

Best Live Action Experience:

Best Interaction Design:

Best Gameplay:

[one-half]Best Social Experience:

Best Score:

Best Sound Design:

Most Transportive:

Most Innovative:

2016 Proto Awards Submissions Open July 10th to July 24th

What’s your pick?

Thomas Middleditch will host the Proto Awards

The Proto Awards are organized by the Virtual Reality Foundation, a non-profit organization formed by the founding members of VRLA. The organization says it seeks to “bring attention to the exciting work being done in the rapidly accelerating world of VR.” The foundation recently revealed that the ceremony will be hosted by Thomas Middleditch who plays Richard Hendriks on HBO’s startup-comedy Silicon Valley.

The Protos will be held in the Blossom Ballroom in the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the site of the first Academy Awards in 1929. The Virtual Reality Awards—another award ceremony focused on the VR industry—on the other hand, will be hosted virtually through Riftmax in November.

Full Disclosure: Ben Lang is on the Virtual Reality Foundation’s Board of Governors who are responsible for selecting nominees.