At GDC 2017, developers Impulse Gear confirmed that their VR shooter Farpoint has Co-op, and will launch in a bundle with the PS VR Aim Controller on May 16th. An ‘unnerving space adventure set on a hostile alien world’, Farpoint is a free-movement FPS exclusive to PlayStation VR.

Build from the group up for PlayStation VR by independent studio Impulse Gear, Farpoint is a free-movement FPS designed to be played with the PS VR Aim Controller. While the game can be played on a standard PS4 gamepad, the new peripheral was developed by Sony with input from Impulse Gear, and will be launching as a bundle on May 16th.

During a developer session at this week’s GDC about the Aim controller, which is expected to receive support for several future PS VR titles, Impulse Gear confirmed Farpoint will have a co-op mode.

The PSVR Aim Controller has a friendlier appearance than the gun-like Sharp Shooter PS3 accessory, and benefits from having PlayStation Move-style features such as a tracking sphere, trigger and thumbstick integrated into the unit, meaning no separate Move controllers are required. The integrated motion sensors mean that the new controller is more accurate than the Sharp Shooter, able to deliver 1:1 tracking of the in-game weapon.

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Farpoint is most notable for its free movement (often referred to as ‘full locomotion’) – something that is typically avoided in VR FPS in favour of a teleport mechanic due to its tendency to cause nausea. The 1:1 weapon tracking, combined with careful attention to movement speed and animation, assisted by IKinema’s real-time inverse kinematics, means that it is able to deliver a comfortable experience, as described in our hands-on.