Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment specialist, Kevin Williams joins me in this episode of the Rev VR Podcast. We discuss virtual reality’s rocky history, some interesting developments in the Arcade world, and make a few predictions for the future.

The Game of Thrones exhibit ran on Intel i7 machines with NVIDIA GTX 780s
The Game of Thrones exhibit ran on Intel i7 machines with NVIDIA GTX 780s

When I last had Kevin on the show, we discussed the evolution of the traditional “arcade” and whether people would prefer certain experiences in their home versus at a commercial establishment. For this conversation, we actually have several examples of an “Out-of-Home” VR experiences that are being developed. Dave & Busters is currently experimenting with providing a VR experience with Oculus Rift DK1s and the game Dirt 3.  A Russian company called AET is also developing a 4D theater using VR HMDs as a replacement for the screen. The Game of Thrones exhibit that is being shown around recently is another good example. It will be interesting to see if projects like these are accepted by consumers.

Dave & Busters - Irvine. CA
Dave & Busters – Irvine. CA

We take a good look back at the rise and fall of VR in the 90s and try to tackle the hard questions that are looming over the VR industry right now. What happened? Why did it fail back then? How are things different this time around? How do we address the elephants in the room?

A Typical 4D Theater Setup

Of course, no podcast with Kevin Williams would be complete without a few insightful predictions and words of wisdom to guide us into the future.

Here is a link to Kevin’s book, “The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier”

and a few of the other sites Kevin shared with us:

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