While playing Minecraft on the Metacraft server with a few VR enthusiasts, I decided to hit record and host this amazing podcast.

This episode of the Rev VR Podcast is being recorded from deep inside the Nether on the Metacraft server.  Joining me is Ashaka, Fatturret, IHOP, NateEight, RiftMuckel, Thomb3rt, and everybody’s pal, WormSlayer.

The Metacraft server utilizes the Minecrift mod created by developers, StellaArtois and Mabrowning. In it’s current form, Minecrift works with Minecraft version 1.6.4, but there are plans to update it eventually to either 1.7 or 1.8.  The Metacraft team, headed up by Schemen, has gone to great lengths to make an inviting environment for the VR community to interact with the Minecraft universe, and each other.

Along with the Minecrift mod, the server also uses Mumble to provide 3D positional audio chat.  When I decided to do this podcast, I simply hit RECORD on the Mumble software.  Regular listeners of the podcast might recognize that the audio quality, while still very clear, is not the same as usual. Still, I was very happy that I had this capability, and was pleased with the results.

During the discussion, we discuss the possible meaning to the shortage of parts needed for the Oculus Rift dev kit, and some think this might be an indication that dev kit 2 is right around the corner.  We move on to WormSlayer’s prophetic creation of /r/RiftCon, and discuss possible locations for the event.  I finish the podcast with a huge plug for the Cincinnati / Dayton VR Meetup and how to get involved, even if you aren’t going to physically be there.

Minecraft is Finally Coming to the Oculus Rift

If you haven’t logged into the Metacraft server yet, I highly recommend that you do.  Come chat with us and have some fun!

Thanks to all of you fine gentlemen who joined me for this podcast!

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