In the first GDC 2014 episode of the Rev VR Podcast, I am joined by Cymatic Bruce, and we take an in depth look at Sony’s Project Morpheus VR headset.

The buzz today Tuesday evening was focused on what Sony was going to announce. Were they going to throw their hat into the VR ring? Would it be the “Oculus Killer” that some folks are exclaiming? We all watched the blogs, waiting in anticipation.

Cymatic Bruce and I have a fantastic discussion about the specs, the possibilities and the concerns about Project Morpheus. No need to see this as competition for Oculus, rather it is a welcomed cousin who will bring VR to the console world. Software can now be developed for both platforms, creating a possible revenue stream for budding indie developers who are already knee deep in Rift games.

Pricing and release dates are still unknown, but it appears that Sony is all in.

Be sure to watch for more GDC 2014 coverage from the Rev VR Podcast on Road to VR.

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