We’ve brought you podcasts all week from our folks at GDC 2014. Now, it’s time to finish it with a bit more insight and some final thoughts.

Ben Lang joins me during his final hours at GDC 2014. We start off by discussing the big VR Mixer that happened Thursday night. It was a Who’s Who of VR and I must say, it sounded like an amazing night.

Ben had a chance to go back and look deeper into both of the big players, Sony’s Project Morpheus, and the Development Kit 2 from Oculus. He breaks down and compares the two very nicely.

We then touch on a few of the other players in the VR universe.  Tactical Haptics was there showing off the latest iteration of their Reactive Grip controller. It sounds like they have changed up their design a bit to remove the large bar in front of your hand. I’m hoping to see them jump back into the market here very soon.

Sixense was showing their STEM system as well.  It sounds like they are still on target for their July 2014 delivery. This is timed very well to coincide with the Oculus Rift DK2 shipping dates.

InfinitEye was also kind enough to show Ben  their prototype with their expansive FOV and unique approach to VR. Ben was happy to finally be able to try it himself and definitely sees the potential for this type of product in the VR universe.

Hands-on: Reactive Grip Haptic Controller Prototype with Vive Tracker, Touch, and Custom SteamVR Tracking

Looking forward to E3, what will we get to see next? Road to VR will be represented there for sure, and the coverage will be amazing as usual.

I want to thank Cymatic Bruce, Ben Lang, and Brian Hart for representing Road to VR at GDC  2014 and keeping us up to speed with their “on the spot” reporting.  Good job, guys!

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