Sightline IndieGogo Is .. Go (Very Soon)!

We just got word from developer Tomáš “Frooxius” Mariančík that his VR Jam 3rd place winner Sightline will have its IndieGogo campaign launch at 0:01 GMT 24th March (20:01 EDT 23rd March). The below link will only work after launch, so please don’t click until then.

Back the Sightline IndieGogo Campaign Here!

And while you wait, the composer of Sightline’s music ‘Sakabi‘ (aka Ondřej Pultar) has a special exclusive preview of one of the tracks featured in the game. Sit back, enjoy the music and don’t forget to set those alarms.

And, check out Cymatic Bruce’s play through of VR Jam release here:

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  • Alkapwn

    I think this style of game mechanics would work incredibly well for a detective style game! Some thing like CSI related where in order to find the clues you’d actually have to change your viewpoint, location and focus on objects in order to unlock the clues that lie there. Or even use a bunch of tools in a more realistic way instead of just a toggle switch and everything highlights for you. Having to crouch by a table with sun beaming in from outside in order for the fingerprints to be visible to you.