COLOPL NI have launched a new social VR title for Gear VR which is focused on gambling and hot-tubbing. Yes, really.

Social VR is coming on leaps and bounds and continues to be one of the most promising aspects of immersive technology, with early players in the market exploring different approaches to attract people to their respective platforms.

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COLOPL aren’t entirely new to the VR scene, having joined the Oculus Rift launch line up with bizarre puzzle title Fly to Kuma! in March. Now they’ve turned their attention to Samsung’s Gear VR platform and their latest title fuses the joys of hot-tubbing with the murkier world of gambling whilst sharing the experiences with others.

As high-concept entertainment goes, it does seem to be one of a kind in VR right now. In fact, COLOPL claims Slot Tub Party is the first “social slot machine game in VR”. The title also claims to be voice chat enabled, with up to 5 players joining each other ‘in the tub’ at once. You can also customise your avatar to your liking and COLOPL are claiming cross-platform support with the Oculus Rift, although it’s not clear when that version will appear. Finally, the title includes 3 locations to dunk yourself in, “Vegas”, “tropical beach” and wonderfully “hot air baloon in mid-flight”. You can’t criticise the developers for a lack of imagination and the gameplay trailer (see above) is almost perfectly pitched to its subject matter.

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Slot Tub Party is available now for Gear VR priced £3.99 (around $5) – more details here. If you dare to venture into COLOPL’s vision of social VR’s future, do let us know how you get on in the comments below.

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