Steve Spielberg headed into The VOID’s unique brand of free-roaming, mixed-reality VR experience at TED 2016, and it seems he was pleasantly surprised.

“Woah, that was a great adventure!”, was Steven Spielberg’s exclamation after stepping out of the bespoke, made-for-TED mixed-reality, VR experience constructed by the team behind the VOID.

Spielberg, who recently co-founded the immersive production startup The Virtual Reality
Company, stepped through the specially constructed, Raiders of the Lost Ark-style VR experience, which has players exploring ancient ruins, avoiding traps and snakes and, we understand, some clever heart-quickening physical stage manipulation to coincide with some worrying virtual events.


The VOID’s team must be counting their blessings, with the Indiana Jones Director Spielberg’s VOID play-through following yesterday’s visit from Indy himself, Harrison Ford, experiencing the VOID too.

Spielberg’s eye has apparently been caught by the glint of virtual reality, as he’s also due to bring Ernest Kline’s Ready Player One, a book centered around immersive virtual reality, to big screens in late 2017.

The VOID are due to open their initial venue in Salt Lake City later this year, and they used TED 2016 to give attendees a glimpse of the ‘full fat’ VOID experience, with their bespoke VR headset which boasts integrated high-end audio headphones and a curves, dual OLED, 180 degree FOV display.

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