A novel use of a single Vive Tracker is to stick it to a rotating platform in order to create a virtual potter’s wheel. Patrick Hackett, co-creator of Tilt Brush, tweeted a short clip of the tracker in action as experimented with by an intern.

The Vive Tracker, a small, wireless puck containing similar tracking elements to a Vive motion controller, has been the subject of many experiments involving accessory and body tracking since its debut at CES in January, including another art-orientated test of a VR stylus.

Artists Are Taking to 'Tilt Brush' with Incredible Results

While a virtual potter’s wheel might be more suitable for sculpting clay in Oculus Medium, the Tilt Brush team are clearly having a great time creating spiraling artwork thanks to intern Drew Gottlieb’s idea. However, in the tweet, Hackett says “don’t get too excited, this isn’t going to ship.”

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