Watch: NeosVR “Metaverse Engine” World Building in Action, Latest Version Adds Cloud Functionality


Solirax’s latest alpha release of its collaborative “metaverse engine” NeosVR has reached an important milestone, adding the ability to save your VR worlds and experiences to the cloud and enjoy other creator’s virtual projects at the wave of a SteamVR controllers.

Described simply as a “metaverse engine”, Neos is a virtual reality collaboration platform that lets you build worlds and experiences in VR itself, right alongside colleagues or friends who can join you remotely.

The team have been busy assembling the core building blocks for NeosVR‘s innovative approach to collaborative workflows, using a highly scaleable object synchronisation methods to let multiple creators come together and enjoy building worlds in the virtual space, even if they live in physically different locations.

Users can create an online account from within NeosVR, giving them access to a generated home area and save their own content to that private area. Additionally, the NeosVR team have uploaded some example experiences of their own, so you’ve something to play with once you’re logged in.

'Neos' Aims to be the Google Docs of VR World Building

NeosVR creator Tomáš ‘Frooxius’ Mariančík says that this latest feature addition represents a turning point in the development of NeosVR. “It is the last, bug, non-visual part of the complex system”, he says, “That means that from now on the updates are going to get a lot more visual as we start focusing on proper UI systems and tool sets.”

If you’re interested in signing up for access to the NeosVR alpha, head over to the project’s registration form right here. And if you’re interested in a demonstration of what’s capable in NeosVR right now, here’s a new time-lapse video doing just that.

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