Jamie Byrne

At Sundance this year, I had a chance to catch up with a couple of representatives from Google to talk about what’s happening on the YouTube VR platform with 360 videos. I talked with Jamie Byrne, YouTube’s Director of Global Creator & Enterprise Partnerships as well as Julia Hamilton Trost, Google VR’s Business Development & Content Partnerships.

Julia Hamilton Trost

We talked about the YouTube VR application, what they’re doing to do to empower content creators, how they see 360 video as a gateway into higher-end VR, and some of the potential future to add more volumetric and interactive elements to the YouTube platform in the future.


Here are a number of 360 videos that were mentioned in this interview:

The Unboxing Time Machine – NES 1985

Rhomaleosaurus: Back to Life in Virtual Reality #PreviouslyOnEarth

The Dropper – A Minecraft 360° Video

Meredith Foster giving a 360 tour of her apartment

New York Times is doing a Daily 360 video

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  • Get Schwifty!

    Obviously VR cat videos are at least a billion dollar genre… come on YouTube, you’re starting to slip man… ;)

    • I’d sign up for some VR kitties, but what about my szechuan sauce!?

      • Smokey_the_Bear

        I’d also like some VR ti…oh…..you said kitties, nevermind.

  • MemRem

    Memories dive

  • Guest

    Streaming content will always suck, even for those that can afford the same big pipes those reps are used to!

  • I am building a VR fitness site where people can share their running/walking/biking 360 videos. The idea is to give people something to watch while on a treadmill or stationary bike. I think stuff like that along with education and the already mentioned chat type settings will be the big thing with VR

    • martin woyzeck

      Why would anyone want to watch others running/biking,etc?
      Kind of un-creative.
      Why do people film themselves working out, running,etc.
      The vanity of this generation, and un creativity astounds me.

      • I agree that it is a bit tame as just a form of entertainment. My intention was to use them as a fun way to escape the confines of your home or a gym while on a treadmill or stationary bike. I find both terribly boring and TV is ok but not great and VR is much more entertaining to me.

      • kool

        How is it vain to show nature videos?