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Acer VR

Acer Announces New OJO Headset with Higher Res, Open-ear Audio, & IPD Adjustment

Today during a press conference in New York, Acer announced an upgraded version of its OJO Windows VR headset which includes a higher resolution,...

Report: Acer Could Sell or Disband StarVR Soon

StarVR Corporation, an Acer and Starbreeze partnership behind the wide field of view (FOV) VR headset StarVR One, could be on the ropes after...

Acer Unveils New Business-friendly Windows VR Headset with Detachable Display

Acer today announced a new Windows "Mixed Reality" VR headset. Dubbed the Acer OJO 500 (pronounced 'O-ho'), the new headset is packing a few...

Developer Offers First Look at Acer’s “Windows Mixed Reality” VR Headset Dev Kit

Software developer Shachar “Vice” Weis has described his first impressions of Acer's Windows Mixed Reality VR headset dev kit on his blog. His company,...

Hands-on: Acer VR Headset for Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Platform

Thursday morning at Microsoft's Build conference, the company announced the opening of pre-orders for two new VR dev kits. Developers in the US and...

First Look at Windows Holographic VR Headsets from Dell, HP, Acer & 3Glasses

Here's a visual tour of some of the first VR headsets to be shown adopting Microsoft's new Windows Holographic platform. At CES Acer, 3Glasses,...

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