AR Education

AR Education

UK’s Central Bedfordshire College Launches New Immersive Training Institute

A new immersive training facility and program, the Immersive Training Institute (ITI), has been launched Luton, UK in a collaboration between Central Bedfordshire College (CBC)...

‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ Steps into Your Living Room with ARKit Prototype

Now that iOS 11 has officially rolled out and anyone with a recent Apple device has access to augmented reality applications, the massive install base means...

Udacity Launches a ‘Learn ARKit’ Course Created in Collaboration with Unity

With ARKit already baked into the mobile operating system of "hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads," the massive potential install base means there's...

How VR, AR, & AI Can Change Education Forever – Part 2, Tomorrow’s Solutions

Today’s educational system is static, generalized and puts less focus on individual self-development than it perhaps should. To make matters worse, students often don’t...

How VR, AR, & AI Can Change Education Forever – Part 1, Today’s Problems

Education is an odd bird: we all know it could be better, while at the same time it is the best it has ever...

Google’s ‘Expeditions’ Initiative is Leading Innovation in the Future of Immersive Education

Google's overarching mission is to organize all of the world's information, and so it's a natural fit for the company to be one of...

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