AR Investment

AR Investment

Starbreeze Bolsters VR & AR Team with $1.65M Acquisition of ePawn

Starbreeze continues to make strategic VR/AR partnerships as today it has announced a $1.65M acquisition of augmented reality and "toys to life" company ePawn,...

‘Super Ventures’ Announces $10 Million Fund to Incubate AR, VR, and Wearable Startups

Super Ventures is a new incubator focusing on AR, VR, and wearables. The group recently announced the opening of its first $10 million fund...

Magic Leap Raises $793.5 Million Series C Investment to Accelerate Adoption of Secretive AR...

Magic Leap today announced the closure of a massive $793.5 million Series C investment led by Alibaba. The company has kept their supposedly revolutionary...

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