Review: ‘NewRetroArcade’ is a Must-play Homage to Video Game Culture Old and New

I just stepped out of what may as well have been a time machine. NewRetroArcade uses gaming's newest technology to take players back to a...

Preview: Eden River HD Early Access Release for Oculus Rift DK2

Eden River HD launches today in early-access form. While the game is pending some optimization updates before its full launch on Steam in late...

Yay3d VR Viewer Turns Your Tablet into a Hand-held VR Headset (video review)

There have been several smartphone/tablet VR viewers making their way into the virtual reality market lately which take advantage of an Android phone or iPhone screen,...

Assetto Corsa on the Oculus Rift—We Take It For a Spin (video)

— We take Assetto Corsa, the new sim racer with native Oculus Rift support, for a spin. Is it VR racing heaven or hell? Oculus Drift First...

Early Oculus Rift Reviews from Two Experts

Since the very first reported arrival of the Oculus Rift developer kit on March 27th, units are trickling out to developers around the world....

Another ST1080 User Review Hits the Web, Silicon Micro Display Opens a Forum

I spoke with Silicon Micro Display recently and they tell me that the scarcity of initial units has prevented them from getting the ST1080 out to...

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