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The Fearless Creativity of ‘Lucid Trips’ is Exactly What VR Needs to Thrive

Born out of a lengthy period of experimentation, Lucid Trips begins with a novel method of locomotion and follows through with a unique approach...

Oculus Sample Framework Provides Valuable Guidance in VR Design

Oculus has recently released an intuitive learning tool for developers and designers looking to get into the medium. While it can be useful in...

XEODesign’s Nicole Lazzaro on Design Leadership in VR

XEODesign's Nicole Lazarro has been researching emotional reactions of gamers in VR to discover the unique properties of the medium. You can't just port...

Jesse Schell on the Art of Game Design in VR

Jesse Schell wrote the book "The Art of Game Design: A book of lenses," and his company Schell Games produced I Expect You to...

NVIDIA ‘DesignWorks VR’ to Harness Virtual Reality for Real World Design

NVIDIA today announces DesignWorks VR, a new set of tools that sit alongside their recently launched GameWorks VR SDK, focussed instead on the creation...

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