Voices of VR Podcast

Voices of VR Podcast

Designing the 6DOF Controller Gameplay for Final Approach

John Nagle is the CTO at Phaser Lock Interactive, who is developing a Vive game called Final Approach. The gameplay of Final Approach involves...

The Blink VR Locomotion System from Cloudhead Games

One of the challenges with a first-person VR adventure game is that locomotion causes some people motion sickness. People have a wide range of...

Open-world Building and Minimalist Game Design with Fantastic Contraption

Sarah Northway & Colin Northway talk about the process of converting an open world building game of Fantastic Contraption to a room-scale VR experience...

The Collaboration Between Valve and HTC to Create the Vive & Room-scale VR

Daniel O'Brien is the Vice President of Business Planning and Management for Virtual Reality at HTC. I had a chance to catch up with...

Redirected Walking Techniques for Virtual Reality

Evan Suma is an assistant professor at the University of Southern California Institute of Creative Technologies. He was at IEEE VR presenting a poster...

Magic Leap’s Paul Reynolds Interviewed for the Voices of VR Podcast

With top tier press clamouring for information on the secretive augmented reality project known as Magic Leap, Kent Bye - the force behind the...

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