Google started its virtual reality initiatives early but slowly, announcing the now widely known Cardboard program way back in 2014. As the company nears the launch of Daydream, the next stage in their VR plans, they’re adding significantly to their VR talent pool.

Google announced the Daydream initiative earlier this year at their annual I/O conference. The aim is to bring high quality mobile virtual reality to hundreds of millions of Android phones in the next few years. Earlier this month they finally took the wraps off of the first Daydream ready phone, the Google Pixel, and first Daydream headset, the ‘View’. As the company’s VR ambitions ramp up, so too has their internal virtual reality team. Google declines to specify just how many people it has working on VR, but the figure is certainly growing.

Google's (Day)dream: 'Hundreds of Millions of Users in a Couple of Years'

In the last month alone, amid the launch of the Google Pixel and Daydream View, the company has posted seven new full time positions focusing on virtual reality. Including those seven, in the last 12 months the company has listed no less than 15 full time job openings for VR:

With average Google compensation around $150,000 annually for full time employees, that’s a significant new $2,250,000 annual investment in VR talent, not to mention the number of employees already at Google working directly on VR, which we’d guess to be in the neighborhood of 50-100 at this stage (and many more full time folks working tangentially on VR, plus temporary contract positions). With more than 50,000 employees worldwide, that’s just a drop in the bucket for Google, but compared with many of the VR startups on the scene, it’s a significant force.

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  • Dunnlang

    Already threw my hat in the ring. I got lucky in that I have previously worked with the head of VR and we ran in to each other recently. Less lucky that all acquisition goes through their recruiters. Who you know doesn’t seem to go very far.

    When I got in to consumer electronics >10 years ago, VR was what I wanted to be working on. It didn’t really exist then. I would absolutely love to get involved with it now.

    • Josh Hunter

      Just graduated with a CS degree here. Haven’t narrowed down what I’d like to do, but for sure it looks like VR is really the way to go. Reading everything I can, getting more excited by the day.

      I have a Pixel XL on the way tomorrow and have the Daydream pre-ordered. Cannot wait!

      Best of luck getting yourself involved, think now’s truly the time. :)

      • Dunnlang

        Good luck to you too. I am in hardware, so I will give you this warning. There is no money in durable hardware. All the money is in consumable services and disposable products. Consider that the car companies are often struggling while oil companies make record profits every year. Look at how so many cellphone manufacturers struggle in that space while the carriers hold tens of millions in the bank.

        I am passionate about hardware, but it has significantly limited career growth potential and access to startups. There is virtually no overhead for a software startup. Hardware startups face millions in tooling and prototype costs.

        If I had it all to do over again, I’m not sure that I’d change anything, but it sure would be great to work from home every now and then and be able to get in to some software companies.

        • Josh Hunter

          Thanks so much for taking the time – warnings definitely heeded.

          I’ll be sure to look out for remote work perks especially!

  • TheThornZ

    Would love to apply but not sure where I would fit in. I have a bachelors in game & simulation programming. I have also created various VR and AR apps such as the nearsighted VR augmented aid which got global attention last February. VR is a passion and a hobby of mine that I would love to make into a career.

  • OgreTactics

    Maybe they should’ve done this before…oh I don’t know…launching the fucking Daydream headset?