John Carmack takes up his role as VR educator once again as he takes a technical deep dive into new Gear VR title Bazaar and analyses, ruminates on and illuminates where the developer could make changes to improve their design and technology approach.

I’ve written before about how easy it is to become engrossed in a John Carmack diatribe. His regular keynotes at Oculus’ developer conferences are packed with useful information on whatever subject he happens to target. And, despite the fact that us lesser geek mortals will fail to fully grasp everything he says, Oculus’ CTO and ex id Software co-founder is rarely anything other than fascinating to listen to.

In this followup critique on Gear VR title Bazaar, which originally appeared in the Oculus Mobile VR Jam earlier in the year, Carmack returns to the title, assessing it’s progress since he last checked in. He breaks down both creative and technical choices, elucidating on how successful those choices have been and what he suggests to improve – from rendering to gameplay.

Bazaar is a Gear VR title by developer Temple Gate Games in which you pilot a magic carpet around a beautifully stylised world collecting trinkets and curious to aid your journey through the titular world.

It’s required reading for any developer currently already involved with or considering jumping into the immersive content worlds and is filled with useful nuggets and advice to take away. You can find the Facebook post in question here, and no, if there’s anything you can’t understand we won’t be able to explain.

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