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LucidCam, a 3D 180-degree photo/video camera with a sleek and pocketable design, has passed its IndieGogo funding goal of $100,000.

The Berkley, CA based team behind LucidCam have also revealed their first stretch goal, which at $150,000 will upgrade backers to a water-proof case.

Our very own Executive Editor Ben Lang went hands-on with LucidCam during the VR Launchpad event in October, calling the 3D 180 footage to come from the tiny stereoscopic camera “quite sharp compared to 360 degree devices.”

Lang also maintains that build quality on the prototype unit was up to snuff, saying that “the design is simple and the unit felt incredibly solid and well built. It fits nicely into a single hand and slides just as easily into a pocket…”

LucidCam IndieGogo

The FOV of LucidCam, which captures both video and still images, is 190° x 120° with a fixed F/2.2 aperture. Video is shot at 1080p and photos at 2K, for each eye. Video is currently only captured at 30 FPS, a far cry from 60 FPS—the widely considered minimum for a comfortable VR headset viewing experience.

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LucidCam is still available for early bird pre-order for $349, an estimated 40% reduction in the actual consumer price. Delivery of LucidCam is slated for July 2016.

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  • Anders Öhlund

    I was all excited until I saw 30 fps…

    • Joe Hill

      Hi Anders – we are working on the next level of FPS and will let you know when we hit it. Appreciate the excitement all the same. Feel free to stay in touch.

  • eadVrim

    In the futur we can see smartphone with 3D 180 camera

  • DonGateley

    I would have pledged for this but they refused to answer my question which was how close to something you could get while retaining focus and 3D. I got an answer that wasn’t an answer at all. That tells me it’s not something they are very proud of.

    • Joe Hill

      Hi Don – this Joe from Lucid – apologies on the unsatisfying answer – the general sweet spot in terms of depth is 3-6 feet depending on the objects that are being captured. We are actually really excited about this component that differentiates us from other 2D cameras in the space (although we are, of course, working to improve it). Feel free to check out current content captured via LucidCam on the App via iOS or Android store (LucidApp VR). Also – if you’re in the Bay Area – hit me up and we can meet-up in person to further discuss or check out the LucidCam.

      • DonGateley

        I don’t see how it could have a 3-6 foot range. Seems to me that it should be a single number and if it is dependent on the objects, in what way does it depend?

        In your app, which demo speaks to my concern? Nothing there appears to show its closeup limits. What would is a simple spiral-in around someone’s head. That would tell me all I want to know.

        I’m in Santa Cruz which to some is still the Bay Area. What do you have in mind? I really don’t like driving over the hill but can in the day time and will if I can evaluate it in this regard.

        • Joe Hill

          Sure thing – 3 feet is the sweet spot but I’ve heard some varying feedback based on individual. As for new demos – I’d recommend taking a look at the shopping video on the app. That being said – a special video for depth is a great idea – will connect our team to making one. Totally understand on the drive over the hill – either way – you are welcome to visit if out over the hill in the South Bay!

          • DonGateley

            Joe, I’d be really interested in a visit. email me using my handle at gmail to arrange.

          • Joe Hill

            Sure thing –