The application deadline for Magic Leap’s Independent Creator Grant Program is up, and the company has revealed that over 6,000 applications have been received for consideration.

The grant program has earmarked between $20,000 to $500,000 per project to populate their content store, Magic Leap World. The overall number of funds dedicated to the program are said to be in the range of an “eight-figure” number.

“We hoped for a steady stream of pitches, but what we received was a tsunami of sensational ideas,” says Magic Leap chief content officer Rio Caraeff. “The team has literally laughed out loud, applauded and experienced profound moments of pause. It’s clear to me that the inaugural class of our Independent Creator Program will be nothing short of groundbreaking.”

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The company has also now opened up Magic Leap World to individuals looking to publish free applications.

The review process and resultant funding will be offered on an ongoing basis through February 15th, 2019.  The company says once developers have built, submitted and launched their apps that the best experiences will be announced at L.E.A.P. Conference in 2019.

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  • Pizzy

    I hope they have a big review team. I bet there is a bunch of junk stuff submitted also.

  • A load of fake developers hoping to scam some money off the magic leap bubble before the whole house of cards comes down. The only way this will ever work is if it actually had a field of view that you can use the restricted fov on this is going to kill any kind of immersion never mind looking like a complete twat wearing it (shaq pic anyone)

  • jj

    When they said the ml was ground breaking and it wasn’t, why would we believe them when they lie right through their teeth about its apps. The ml team really believes everyone is too stupid to realize they’re only selling a hololense paired with fake hopes and dreams.

    • Matilde Constance

      Are you that frustrated ?

      • jj

        yes because its hurting the vr/ar industry by spreading false hope. People get excited by what ml says and when they see the final result they are disappointed with what they see. That then becomes their view of ar/vr and think its all a gimmick because this product is gimmicky. Literally saw this happen to sooooo many people over ml and other vr solutions that aren’t legit.

        • Matilde Constance

          How can you be so sure of that? I just do not buy because it’s still too expensive. And I think most people would buy it if it were cheaper. Many people have said the same of DK1 and DK2. You need to have a little more faith …

          • jj

            You need to have a little more faith

            and nah they promised revolutionary experiences and the hardware within the ml will not provide anything more than what the hololense will offer so people who believed them are going to be disappointed and have already been disappointed.

  • oompah

    Thumbs up
    Waveguide VR tech is the future
    no mo box on ur face