Moss, the insanely charming third-person action-adventure puzzle game from indie studio Polyarc, is confirmed to launch on PSVR February 27th, 2018.

Update (02/19/18): Polyarc today announced on Playstation’s blog that ‘Moss’ is officially launching on PSVR February 27th. We’ve included the new trailer below.

Original article (10/30/17): First revealed at E3 earlier this year, Moss follows a pint-sized hero named Quill, who with her trusty blade and puzzle-solving abilities must make her way through an idyllic forest into somewhere much less forgiving. We got a hands-on back at E3, and it proved to be a highly-polished experience that seemed to offer an engaging story, even though both you, a disembodied observer, and Quill, your faithful pal, don’t actually speak.

Originally intended for holiday 2017 release at around 3 hours of gameplay length, release is now slated for February 2018. Pre-orders are being taken both at PlayStation Store and GameStop for $30.

Polyarc is giving pre-order customers instant access to an exclusive dynamic PlayStation Theme and PlayStation Avatar featuring Moss’s hero Quill and her forest home. European fans pre-ordering Moss will receive their pre-order bonuses at launch this February. You can preview the dynamic theme and avatar on Polyarc’s social channels.

Check out the short gameplay video below to see what Moss is all about.

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  • Luke

    may this game come to PC? thx

  • Lucidfeuer

    So a bit of Lucky’s Tale and bit of Chronos ? Sold. It’s crazy how few enjoyable quality games of this type there is for VR.

  • XboxRules

    That foreign console is for kids.

  • oompah

    looks good but plasticky
    (could be ray traced for trailer only)

  • Paris Granville

    Looks cute