Zero Latency, who has been developing a full-body virtual reality zombie experience, has just passed their $25,000 crowdfunding target with five days remaining. The funds are being raised to further develop the system and the backer rewards offer tickets to experience the action for yourself, assuming you’re near Melbourne, Australia.

Zero Latency’s system puts you in a virtual environment using a backpack-mounted computer, an Oculus Rift, and gun peripherals. The important parts are tracked with glowing balls, much like the PlayStation Move. By tracking the head of the player and the weapons they are wielding, the Zero Latency system can track full player movement in a wide area, enabling walk-around gameplay, much like we’ve seen in Survios’ system. The system supports up to two player co-op, but the team have a stretch goal to expand that to four players if they raise $60,000. The team says their system can already support an area of a whopping 50×50 meters (162×162 feet) and can scale to cover any size.


Naturally, the first thing they’ve applied this to is a zombie killing game, and if it’s anything like what I saw from Survios, it’s sure to be a blast.

The Zero Latency crowdfunding campaign has just passed its $25,000 goal, in which tickets to experience the system are being sold. Starting at $60 for the early-bird passes (30 minutes of play), Zero Latency will hold an event in Melbourne, Australia where backers can come play in the virtual reality system for themselves. There are still 138 early bird passes available and several other reward tiers for access to the beta experience and even being “imported” into the game for your likeness to be used as a zombie, NPC, or player model.

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The team plans to use the funds to purchase additional hardware to enhance the experience, further develop the game, and to rent a venue to host the event for backers, and to promote the event.

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