In the backyard of the Oculus Headquarters in Irvine, California; Orange County Virtual Reality (OCVR) is launching its first official meet up on Thursday May 1st. The event will be at PeopleSpace, a nonprofit tech-hub, for a gathering of the VR community. The event will feature the following:

  • Get hands-on with the Oculus Rift and try out some of the most exciting new VR demos from developers throughout the area.
  • Mingle and network with developers, VR enthusiasts, and potential investors.
  • Talk about the current state of VR and the future of the technology.
  • Learn about the Oculus SDK and Unity3D integration from seasoned developers.
  • Burger Monster Food Truck will be serving food and drinks.

We welcome any and all levels of knowledge about the Oculus and VR. RSVP for the OCVR Meetup.

Special guests from Oculus will be attendance and are rumored to demo the DK2, Crystal Cove, and newer hardware coming out!

Also, Karl Krantz will be speaking about the upcoming SVVR Conference in Silicon Valley!

OCVR will be announcing a date for a VR Gamer Jam taking place in the middle of June. Hackers and gamers from across the nation will gather together for a weekend event and form teams to put together various VR games. OCVR is aiming to be the “nexus point” for all VR enthusiasts to get together.

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The event will be filmed and photographed, so check out the highlights coming soon!


Contact the Organizer:

Michel Haddad

(714) 310-3651


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