In an impromptu post on OculusVR’s developer forums, Community Manager cybereality has reassured anxious DK2 purchasers that they are indeed on track for the promised July shipping date.

Cybereality, who joined Oculus as their Community Manager after his work on the open VR Driver Vireio Perception and after being an active member of the VR community, has gone on record via the OculusVR developer forums he moderates to reassure those who’ve ordered the 2nd iteration of the company’s Developer Kit (DK2) VR Headset will begin shipping as planned in July.

We are still on track for July. 

The reason we have not made an update regarding the release date, is because nothing has changed in that regard.

Orders for DK2 opened on March 19th for with a whirlwind of orders resulting in Oculus’ order system to collapse for a short period of time. The new VR headset leverages OLED Low Persistence of Vision display technology and optical positional tracking to bring what is thought will be a close match in terms of core features to the eventual consumer release. The statement is good news for those of us who recall all too well OculusVR’s difficulties in getting Kickstarter backer DK1 units shipped across the world, it seems they’ve learned well their lessons of the past.

We’ll let you know when we hear of the first DK2 units ship and of course will have a report on our own units once we’ve played with them. You can read Ben Lang’s impressions of the units here.

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  • elecman

    Typo: “sjipping”

    • Owain

      I’ve actually put off any further demos of games until I receive the DK2. As I’m repeating myself that often now about the improvements made. So better to just wait and give them demos on the new kit.

  • Chris W. Morris

    Excellent!! This is great news for those of us who have worried major changes would interrupt progress! Thx for the update.

  • snake0

    What happened to all the dumb lights on the front, did they get rid of those?

    • Martin Huber

      The ‘dumb’ lights that allow precise positional tracking are still there, but invisible behind a infrared-transparent plastic cover.

      • snake0

        Thank god for that! Otherwise wearing the thing would just look silly

        • Curtrock

          The whole “VR won’t work because people look stupid wearing the HMD” argument, has long been a moot point for a long time. Anyone who has actually put a RIFT on and witnessed the immersive power of VR, knows that being concerned how you look, can be equated with being instantly transported to an alien world, and when faced with the awesomeness of creation itself, wondering if you are having a bad-hair day.