At Microsoft’s pre-E3 keynote today, we’ve seen plenty of non-VR games coming to the Xbox console family, now including XBox One X (formerly Project Scorpio). But with still no clue of possible VR support to come for the 4K console, the second installment of Lucky’s Tale (2016), called Super Lucky’s Tale, is apparently coming to XBox One as a console exclusive with no clear sign that VR support is in the cards.

First released by Playful Corp as an Oculus Rift launch title back at the headset’s initial release in March 2016, the second installment of the Lucky’s Tale IP is exclusively coming to Xbox One X, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC as a retail and digital title. Whether that includes VR support for the score of Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets from various manufacturers remains to be seen. Although Microsoft has made mention of possible VR support coming to the Xbox One X, including support for Fallout 4 VR, the company made no mention of VR during their entire pre-E3 keynote today.

Lucky’s Tale was bundled with every Oculus Rift purchase, even including access for Oculus Rift DK2 owners. As a classic 3D platformer, the game makes use of the XBox One controller.

Controlling the family-friendly fox Lucky, Super Lucky’s Tale (coming in 2017) follows Lucky on his quest to help his sister rescue the Book of Ages from the nefarious Jinx. The game appears to emphasize a sidescroller-style locomotion system, one that wouldn’t necessarily be the best for VR. The previous VR version launched in 2016 was more of a top-down view that allowed for more comfortable viewing.

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When asked about potential VR support for Super Lucky’s Tale, a Playful Corp representative told us “There’s no announcement at this time regarding VR plans for the game.”

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  • Michigan Jay Sunde

    This announcement was like finding your smartest female friend from high-school stripping for cash a year after graduation. With all due respect, VR was the purpose for this games’ existence – it’s not a kooky throwback platformer the caliber of Yooka-Laylee – that isn’t its true appeal. Its appeal was that it was a VR-platformer. When Microsoft climbed on stage and ignored VR for a full 90 minutes, that was already agony. Lucky’s Tale abandoning VR twists the knife so, SO much harder. For 15 bright, shining seconds it appeared that Lucky’s Tale would be an introduction to VR on the XBox platform – a uniquely-situated title with a HUGE appeal. But instead, it will become the also-ran “family” game people impulse-buy at GameStop so their young nieces have something/anything to play on their $500 action-movie-generator.

    • Get Schwifty!

      Pretty amazing indeed…. I mean Lucky’s Tale is an okay arcade game, but strip it of VR and its just “meh” at best. MS will do VR, no question, the decision to release Lucky’s Tale out for 2-D… when it could have been a prime VR title is strange at best.

      • Darshan

        Its Microsoft Special monstrosity to take most beautiful piece of wonder and strip out of its SOUL FEATURE.

    • Darshan

      “This announcement was like finding your smartest female friend from high-school stripping for cash a year after graduation.”

      Can’t express more better way a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT, me too pal. Microsoft is just above par brilliant at disasters… from days of XBOX ONE

      $500 action-movie-generator (# I need smiley of laughing out rolling ;-D)

    • Andrew Haughan

      But we know vr is coming for xbox so it’s likely that this game will support VR but they can’t announce that yet until the actual headset is announced. Seems to make sense to me but odd that they announce the game so early if that’s the case.

    • Gary

      LOL this is such a brilliant comment. It analogy was top notch. I just don’t understand Microsoft. Their E3 conferences are so lacklustre and there’s always a sense of arrogance about their showing. Sony on the other hand just oozes excitement and delivers a solid as show all the time even if their conference content ain’t particularly interesting. Wth Microsoft?

  • CazCore

    probably has to do with some unknowns of the new “MR” headsets coming out starting in August.

  • Foreign Devil

    What?! Lucky’s Tale without VR on a next gen console is like the most mediocre game release. .. aren’t they ashamed to show that trailer?

  • Joe Black

    This is rather odd.