Yesterday Oculus revealed that it had formed ‘Story Studio’, an internal team dedicated to experimenting with real-time CG VR cinema. Today the company has put out a promo video which reveals that the studio has five VR short films in the works for 2015.

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For now, Story Studio is leaving live-action VR cinema alone and instead focusing on real-time CG VR storytelling.

Saschka Unseld
Saschka Unseld

“We have a slate of five films coming up this year, and with each one we want to explore and learn something about storytelling in VR,” says Saschka Unseld, Creative Director at Oculus Story Studio and former Pixar director.

Lost, which made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival yesterday, is the first VR short out of Story Studio. “Lost takes the viewer on a journey to a moonlit forest inhabited by an unexpected creature,” the company describes in a new blog post where it also reveals that the experience is built with the Unreal Engine 4, a popular game engine used by many Oculus Rift developers.

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe told us that Lost would be on display at more Oculus-attended events, like GDC in March.

oculus storystudio bullfighter2
Concept art for Story Studio’s ‘Bullfighter’

Four of the five short CG VR films in the works are described by Unseld in the Story Studio promo video:

  • Bullfighter  – “…truly feeling presence in the scary situation of being in a bullfighting arena.”
  • Lost – “Magic and wonder”
  • Kabloom – “Comedy and empathy”
  • Dear Angelica – “How would it feel like if we could be inside of an illustration?”
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Iribe told us yesterday that “[Oculus plans] to make all of this available on the Oculus Rift [consumer version]” and that while he’s impressed with the exploratory work done by Story Studio thus far, “we still have a ways to go before people are making longer film experiences.”

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  • SterbenSteven

    Hopefully OculusVR has also a Oculus Gaming Studio!!!
    Maybe with a nice oculus AAA exclusive for the Consumer release.
    Would be nice if they have a own Press conference at E3 and make everything clear, game lineup, release date and stuff. Or maybe sooner at GDC.

    • Ben Lang

      They do somewhat, they have a Seattle based team that made all of the Crescent Bay demos and then there’s the team working on mobile stuff like HeroBound for Gear VR.

      • elizabethreede

        What about non-gaming applications? Reality capture and hi-end content–seems as if this is a logical step. Mark Zuckerberg talked about this a year ago. . . we are working in this arena and are developing great experiences for our users.