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Oculus ‘Venues’ to Host NBA Games, Horror Films & More This Fall

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Oculus Venues, the social VR app for large-scale live event viewing, is continuing its screenings this fall with more NBA games, scary movies, and stand-up comedy nights. Check out the schedule below.

Update (5:15 PM ET): An Oculus spokesperson has informed us that NBA games are entirely free, and don’t require an NBA League Pass to watch. The information has been corrected in the article.

Venues allows you to virtually attend events with friends and family while sitting in the stands filled with other viewers. You can download the app on Oculus Go and Gear VR.

NBA games, captured by Next VR, may don’t require the regular NBA League Pass (see update). In addition, everyone who attends an NBA game in Venues will get season-long access to an NBA jersey from one of the teams you watched for your Oculus Avatar.

Image courtesy Oculus

Availability of streams may be subject to your location, with at least US residents getting access to all licensed content. Some users in other countries have reported a region lock on Lionsgate film nights, so make sure to pop in and check it out before you dedicate your entire night to a splatter-filled Saw binge-fest leading up to Halloween.

Fair warning: you’ll also need a Facebook account to log-in to Venues.

Check out the schedule below for the full line-up: