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Play Arcade Combat Game ‘Eternity Warriors VR’ This Weekend on Rift For Free

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Eternity Warriors VR, an arcade combat game from Beijing-based indie studio Vanimals and Eternity Warriors franchise creators Glu Mobile, is opening up access to Rift owners for free this weekend.

Eternity Warriors VR boasts online co-op in addition to single player mode. Based on short mission-based sessions that take place in a single environment (room-scale locomotion only), you’ll be able to choose from three different combat classes—The Warrior, The Hunter, or The Gunner—all of which have their own weapon styles ranging from long-range to short-range melee types. Waves of enemies and boss battles should keep you slashing and shooting, something that’s always more fun with someone by your side.

The free access period starts March 15th at 1:00 PM EDT (your local time) and goes until March 19th at 3:00 AM EDT (your local time).

One of the major complaints by owners of the game is the lack of populated servers, something many online VR games face as a challenge currently. While game demos are still few and far between on the Oculus Store, the free access weekends at least give you a chance to see what the game is like with the hustle and bustle of healthy online usership, hopefully attracting more regular paying users as a result. Oculus has since held several free access weekends for games such as Onward (2017), SPARC (2017), and From Other Suns (2017). To see the latest free weekend, keep an eye on the ‘Coming Soon’ section on Oculus’ website.

Check out Eternity Warriors VR for Rift on Oculus Home here.