SUPERHOT VR is surely one of the best pieces of VR content available today, but has remained exclusive to Oculus since launch. The developers have teased that the game is coming to the HTC Vive this Thursday, May 25th, but you can already play it today thanks to a free and easy to install hack.

Update (5/23/17): After initially teasing that the game would be coming to Vive “soon,” the developers of Superhot VR now have confirmed the game will launch this Thursday, May 25th, on SteamVR. The launch of the game on SteamVR will include the ‘FOREVER’ update, which was released following the launch on the Oculus platform, that adds new challenges and achievements aimed at adding more replayability to the game.

In the original article below (and still applicable today), we described how you can play Superhot VR on your Vive today using the free ‘Revive’ hack.

Original Article (5/1/17): Superhot VR devs today teased Vive support on Twitter showing the Vive logo with the word “soon.” That’s great news because it likely means the game will be launching on Steam, making it dead simple for Vive users to buy and download.

But for those with a Vive that can’t wait to play one of VR’s best pieces of content available today… you don’t have to (lucky you)!

'SUPERHOT VR' Review – Become One With the Gun

Although Superhot VR is exclusive to the Oculus platform, a freely available hack called Revive will let you buy and play the game in full today on your Vive, which counts the game as fully function on its compatibility list.

Playing the game on your Vive is as simple as following the instructions in the Revive README file, which involves downloading Oculus Home to buy the game and installing Revive which will show your Oculus games inside the SteamVR dashboard.


Reports from players who have played Superhot VR on the Vive with Revive indicate that the game is playable start to finish on the Vive, and quite a blast at that.

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  • Bibelo

    Revive…? Never heard before this article
    (joke right)

    • Diego Lopez

      No jk, you can try with free stuff oculus got

      • dude search revive on roadtovr, it’s like they’re sponsored by them for god sake!


  • Caven

    Keep moving so it will release faster!

  • Raphael

    I wouldn’t buy this regardless of Vive support with the default 2 hours game-play. Apparently it has a “forever” update giving a lot more play time? That makes it more appealing.

    • Rayza

      I got it for a couple of quid on G2A

      • mcnbns

        Superhot, the mouse and keyboard game or Superhot VR, the VR game?

    • Rob Louie

      Ya, I have it and play via ReVive, I had that same complaint at first, even though those 2 hours were some of the best I’d had in VR. With the update you get:
      An “endless” mode where you’re in an arena and enemies keep coming, and a difficult goal number of enemies to kill.
      A hard mode with less bullets in each gun and less of a time slowdown
      A speedrun mode where time is based on in-game time (so it slows when time slows).
      A speedrun mode where time is based on real life time (so in-game time slowdown doesn’t affect it).

      I’ve spent well over 10 hours playing it at this point, and it’s easily my favorite VR game.

      • Raphael

        Sounds like a challenge and fun. I will get it when it hits vive.

        it’s certainly been a long time coming.

  • Denis

    Regardless of revive support, I would never buy a game from the Oculus store. That just encourages exclusive content, which has no place on PCs. Either way, I can’t wait to pick this up during a Steam sale.

  • Manu

    mhm hope the current Steam release get’s “VR enabled” instead of an additional version for extra money…. got an oculus but dont want to support addiitonal stores :P

  • Ryan

    Seems like roadtovr is now advertising for the Oculus store. Wait and buy the game on Steam where it will be compatible with all VR hardware.

  • Pepitopalotes

    Just end it. Worth every dollar