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‘Primordian’ is a Sci-fi Melee Brawler With Serious Style, Early Access Coming This Week

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Boasting a smashing, shooting, alien skull-splitting adventure, Stonepunk Studios aims to transport you billions of years into the past to the very first planet near the center of the universe in their upcoming single-player adventure brawler Primordian.

Visually, Primordian seems to be drawing on a really interesting mix of Avatar meets Turok meets Warhammer 40K. The game, which features plenty of head-chopping melee battles, also includes strange ‘organic weaponry’ like fleshy plant-like pistols, crossbows, and grenades for ranged combat styles.

image courtesy Stonepunk Studios

Primordian will arrive when it releases on Steam Early Access “this week” starting with Part One. Stonepunk says the single-player story will be released in parts along with the final level and secret areas within the course of the 3-4 month-long Early Access period. Within that time, the developers promise to deliver “an ancient story that will unfold slowly and let you draw your own conclusions as to what is happening in this world.”

Primordian supports HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Check out the game’s Steam page here.

image courtesy Stonepunk Studios

Here’s how Stonepunk describes Primordian:

The game takes place many billions of years ago in the center of the universe, the first planet that all other planets were seeded from. Due to its unusual rotation, one side of the planet is always in darkness and the other always in light.

Every few thousand years a small moon passes between the planet and sun to create a long-lasting eclipse that allows the beings from the dark side to travel among the light. The current time period is during this eclipse. You play as Grygor, a being form the dark side (or so you believe) sent on a mission to destroy temples of light and allow safe passage for your people during the eclipse. Uncover the story of both sides of the world, its many generations of tribal law and unforgiving landscape during this opportune moment in time. You are the future of our past. You are the Shadow within the Shadow.

VR YouTuber ‘Paradise Decay’ recently released a gameplay video showing a little more about how Primordian works; it certainly gets points for being stylish and overall good-looking. Although there were some concerns about how the game ran on his NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB GPU, he says he barely noticed when asynchronous spacewarp came in to smooth dropped frames. Bear in mind though that a GTX 1060 6GB is less performant than the game’s recommended GeForce GTX 1080 or AMD Radeon RX 560, but just above the minimum system requirements.

Check out the gameplay video here.

Update (12:00 PM ET): It was previously stated that Paradise Decay tested on a below-minimum spec GTX 1060 3GB while in reality he tested on a 6GB, putting his rig above the minimum recommended spec.