Today we’re are pleased to announce Exemplar 2, the second generation of our high-end VR gaming PC designed for those who want to push the limits of immersion. Exemplar 2 Ultimate is Road to VR’s internal test bench for VR reviews and benchmarking.

Available for pre-order today, and launching September 2nd, Exemplar 2 features NVIDIA’s next-generation VR Ready GPU series, an enhanced design & layout, and new liquid cooling, giving enthusiasts the performance to push VR rendering quality to its limits.

Pre-order and Save $100 on Exemplar 2

In 2015, AVADirect and Road to VR teamed up to create Exemplar, our top-end system designed to push virtual reality experiences above and beyond what’s possible with systems built to lesser recommended VR specifications. Road to VR worked directly with AVADirect to create a system capable of handling the most demanding virtual reality experiences. Exemplar 2 raises the bar, with major leaps in VR performance and power efficiency, ensuring that gamers are using the latest and greatest hardware for the best virtual reality experience.

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“VR is moving incredibly fast. Thanks to Road to VR’s market expertise, we’re able to anticipate the needs of virtual reality enthusiasts and ensure that Exemplar 2 checks the most important boxes for a high-end VR experience,” said Travis Bortz, Vice President of Business Development at AVADirect.

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High-end VR Reference Point

Succeeding the original system, Exemplar 2 Ultimate is the test platform used by Road to VR for benchmarks and reviews of virtual reality experiences and hardware. With published test results done against an identical platform, gamers have peace of mind knowing exactly what the system is capable of when it comes to real world virtual reality performance.

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Road to VR is committed to ensuring that key performance tests and benchmarks also continue to be measured using the original Exemplar Ultimate, fulfilling our mission to give customers a 1:1 match between our real-world measurements and what they can experience on their own Exemplar system.

Next Generation Performance

A comfortable VR experience needs to be powered by a machine capable of rendering virtual scenes at a whopping 2160×1200 resolution in stereoscopic 3D at 90 FPS. If your PC isn’t up to the task, you’ll experience choppy and possibly dizzying performance. But just meeting the minimum bar for smooth gameplay won’t result in the best experience.

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For that, you need to go above and beyond minimum recommended specs, with ample power to render the sharpest possible image while maintaining that critical framerate.
Exemplar 2 Ultimate brings up to 3x more VR performance, opening the door for enthusiasts to use techniques like supersampling to greatly enhance image quality through the headset. In some cases, supersampling can so greatly sharpen the virtual view that you might swear you bought a new VR headset with a higher resolution screen. (See Road to VR’s guides to supersampling on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.)


Exemplar 2 is based on the latest NVIDIA 10-series GPUs with next-generation Pascal architecture and support for VRWorks, a suite of VR performance-enhancing rendering technologies.

As with the original Exemplar, we’ve future-proofed Exemplar 2 with the SLI-capable Z170 motherboard for enthusiasts who want to boost performance by running two GPUs in tandem. A new liquid cooling system keeps the Intel Core i7-6700K CPU running optimally while saving enough space for improved airflow and a slimmer case.

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To top it off, all Exemplar 2 systems come standard with AVADirect’s extensive Silver Warranty Package: 3 Year Limited Parts, 3 Year Labor Warranty, & LIFETIME Technical Support.

“With systems built and supported in the USA, AVADirect’s reputation for quality is well earned. We know enthusiasts are making a significant investment when it comes to a high-end VR system, and we continue to trust AVA to deliver premier craftsmanship, reliability, and quality support,” said Paul James, Chief Technical Officer at Road to VR.

Available September 2nd, Pre-orders Save $100

Exemplar 2 and Exemplar 2 Ultimate are available for pre-order today starting at $1,669 and $2,499 respectively. $100 pre-order discount runs through September 2nd.

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  • J.C.

    Not a big fan of the case they chose for this, but that doesn’t affect performance unless it’s got awful airflow. if you aren’t up to the task of building your own rig for VR, this is a decent choice. At this point, going with a non-10×0 video card is just shooting yourself in the foot. The 1060 is around the price of a 970, and that’s before any of the VR-specific changes made to these cards.

  • Sebastien Mathieu

    I Really respect their effort, but anyone can build a PC these days No???

  • Nashoba Darkwolf

    2400 for a computer with i7 6700k, 16B, of ram, 2tb HDD, Windows 10 Pro, and a GTX 1080…

    I could build my own for almost 1k less with a much better case and AIO watercooler.

  • Great spec on this, so much so that I’ve just ordered much the same pc spec but from a different UK supplier. (CCL).

    Excited to be awaiting my new PC with good items all round,

    i7 4.0 (4.2), GTX 1080, 32Gb Ram, 480Gb SSD, 2Tb HD, fast 800Mb wifi card. With Asus Gaming Motherboard which includes USB 3.1 . All in a suitably low key case with 2 usb 3’s, 2 x usb 2’s. .. Plus a heap of UK Tax….. All for $2296 (£2745).

    All be used predominately for motion graphics work… but also as our goto VR rig.

  • Jake

    You can build a better version yourself for HUNDREDS of dollars less. You’re gouging your customers. No PC builder is worth $450+/hr. Your “promo” parts aren’t even discounted. You can get better deals by building the the thing with parts from part picker.