rev vr podcast episode 20

Last week I joined host ‘Reverend Kyle’ on the 26th episode of the Rev VR podcast to talk more about about my latest hands-on time with several up and coming virtual reality products.

Kyle has been giving a voice to the virtual reality community, through the Rev VR podcast, interviewing a number of prominent individuals from the burgeoning world of VR.

On the 26th episode I chat with Kyle about my hands-on time with the Virtuix Omni, Avegant HMD, and Xyson Xcope, and more. Here’s the official episode description:

No VR News Update this week. Instead, I have Ben Lang from Road to VR joining me to discuss all of the latest news. We discuss Avegant, Xcope, the Virtuix Omni, 3D movies, VorpX, Valve’s VR HMD, and so much more:

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  • Mageoftheyear

    Was a good show.