Shared Sociopathy

Speaking of the Souls games they had an interesting take on multiplayer, something conspicuous by its absence in Robo Recall. Another casualty of the slow motion which, of course, would be incredibly tough to pull of in a multiplayer context. Over to Whiting:

“We have some ideas in that regard but it’s one of those things that we didn’t have time to do because the team was still only 15 people, so multiplayer was one of the complexities that didn’t make it. You want to be able to teleport up to a bot and then each person grab a limb…”

At this point I suggest this might sound weird to say to someone not familiar with the game. Co-op dismemberment. He laughs, and quips “it’s a great feature of VR, shared sociopathy.”

– – — – –

All of which which brings us, finally, back to the launch of the game. With the release of the game imminent (at the time of the interview), and the reaction of the public soon to be known, surely Whiting must be feeling some trepidation? Not so much.

“When we got word that it was finally certified and locked down there was a wave of relief. There’s always that very nervous moment when things are wrapping up and you’re looking at all the critical bugs coming through. That moment when everything’s actually pinned down and certified shippable is a great relief.” So no sleepless nights then? “I slept like a baby.”

As did I, after spending five straight hours with the game.


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  • George Vieira IV

    I was really surprised at how much I liked this game. The combination of more realistic graphics than most VR games, with the fun arcady voice overs made for a very fun experience.

    • Firestorm185

      And the ability to modify the game to add your own features and models is super fun as well! ^^

  • OgreTactics

    It’s really a shame that, save for some close-to-perfect ArchVizers, Unreal Engine developers seem to be absolutely the only one capable of using Unreal Engine.
    This was a disguised criticism of Unreal Engine.

    • J.C.

      Totally agree with this. Unreal engine games look…pretty awful in VR, usually. Maybe it’s due to using older versions that don’t have the forward renderer? Aliasing is HORRID though, whereas Unity games tend to be graphically simpler, but ultimately cleaner.