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Report: Oculus Quest 2 with 128GB Storage May Soon Replace 64GB Base Model

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Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 headset launched in October 2020 in two flavors: 64GB and 256GB. Now images have surfaced via French online retailers LDLC and its subsidiary Top Achat suggesting the existence of an upcoming 128GB version of Quest 2. Notably, LDCL is an official partner retailer of Oculus, which may lend credence to the report.

French video game site GamerGen first spotted the listings. In a chat via Twitter, GamerGen says it has obtained confirmation from retailer Top Achat which says the listing was authentic and wasn’t a mistake.

“So I checked, it’s not a mistake, nor a leak. It was put online on July 6 at 12:01 AM following the end of the NDA,” the message from Top Achat translates. “The 64 GB model is now out of stock, the 128 GB model replaces it.”

Image courtesy Wayback Machine Internet Archive

Should the report be believed, it seems that quick confirmation from Top Achat was a bit misguided. The listing has since been removed, however a version of the LDLC listing is still available for viewing through Wayback Machine Internet Archive. Note that “Go” is French for GB, which shouldn’t be confused with the now discontinued Oculus Go standalone from 2018.

The GamerGen report maintains that the 128GB version should be released on July 20th. The general lack of 64GB variants across online retailers, notably via regional Amazon sites and Oculus itself, supports the possibility of the mid-generation refresh.

If the listing shown above is entirely accurate and doesn’t contain placeholder info, it appears pricing will remain the same from the 64GB to 128GB. In Europe, the 64GB version costs €350, whereas the 256GB version costs €450.

Of course, there’s been no official confirmation from Facebook or any other official source, although we expected this since the company generally eschews talking about products before they’re officially announced.